Agenda and minutes

Town Area Committee Consultation - Monday, 21st August, 2017 6.30 pm

Venue: Parkside, Station Approach, Burton Street, Melton Mowbray LE13 1GH

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Bains, Cumbers, Douglas, Faulkner, Freer-Jones, Hurrell (post meeting), Lumley and Pearson.  Councillors Posnett and Wyatt were also not present.



Declarations of Interest pdf icon PDF 51 KB

Members to declare any interest as appropriate in respect of items to be considered at this meeting.



Councillors Greenow and Illingworth each declared a personal interest as Members of the Planning Committee and here left the meeting.


Councillor Glancy declared a personal interest as a Member of the Planning Committee and stated she would not participate in the determination of this planning application at the Planning Committee.


(Inquorate meeting : It was agreed that the Consultation proceed and comments be put forward to the Planning Committee from an inquorate Town Area Committee Consultation).


Consultation - Planning Applications

The Committee to consider the following Planning Applications:-




Proposed replan of 77 residential units from reserved matters application 16/00259/REM for 85 units (Davidsons)

Field Numbers 5855 And 6071


The link below will take you through to the online Planning Application:-






The Acting Chief Executive gave an overview of Planning Application reference 17/00711/FUL and plans of the site were viewed by Members.


Committee Comments


A discussion was held, concerning the planning application and Members made the following comments:-


        This area was prone to flooding.  Safeguards would need to be put in place to mitigate this risk

        Concerns over road width, particularly the main access road.  What was the proposed width of the road?  Would it facilitate off-road parking?  Would there be provision for up to several cars to park there?  Roads within the development needed to be appropriate to facilitate access/egress and parking for residents and visitors as well as for refuse, delivery and emergency vehicles

        Concerns over garage size.  It was suggested that parking an average size car in the proposed garages would not provide enough room for the driver and passengers to get in/out of the car

        Concerns over parking, particularly within the ‘central area’ of the ‘Masterplan’ (and taking in to account increases in traffic each year).  The proposed layout encouraged pavement parking

        What was the purpose of the screen wall and screen fence?

        The green areas indicated on the ‘Masterplan’ were appreciated by Members but it was suggested that slightly less green areas and wider roads would be more beneficial


Additional Comments/Reasons


        It was noted that permission was already in place for development under 16/00259/REM and comments would be submitted on the proposals within the new application (17/00711/FUL).  It was also noted that the proposal to build 85 properties remained and the properties outlined red on the ‘Masterplan’ would not change under this application

        Members commented that in general, roads on new development sites were narrower than established roads and these needed to be wider in order to be fit for purpose, garages were not large enough and driveways and allocated car park spaces did not provide sufficient space to facilitate access/egress into properties

        It was noted that a lot of homes would be built in the area and it was vital that they be fit for purpose

        The inquorate Committee’s comments, as listed above form part of the consultation on Planning Application 17/00711/FUL.


Urgent Business

To consider any other items that the Chair considers urgent.


Meeting with Melton Matters


The Chair provided a brief update on details of a future meeting between Members and the Melton Matters group, advising that the meeting would take place on Friday, 8 September.  She highlighted that the group had invited Members to a ‘patch walk about’ and advised that this would be a useful opportunity for Members to liaise with the group and gain a further understanding of how the group would work.  She confirmed that ‘Melton Matters’ would be discussed in greater detail at Town Area Committee on 18 September.