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The Leader is to submit to Cabinet the risk management update.




(1)  NOTED the contents of the Report and the updated Strategic Risk Register and the associated Risk Management Action Plan.


The Director for Corporate Services, Mrs Dawn Garton, introduced the report, the purpose of which was to provide members with an update on the Risk Management arrangements, outlining the current significant risks that had been captured on the recent review of the Council’s Strategic Risk Register by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).


Mrs Garton confirmed that this is the first six-monthly review for this year and the report would be presented to the Audit and Standards Committee in November 2022 showing the outcome of the review that had been done with the Chair of Audit and Standards into the policy and strategy which was three years old and due for a refresh.


The Leader, Councillor Joe Orson, thanked Mrs Garton and her team for the report and commented that he was pleased to note that the internal review undertaken in the last year on risk management provided good assurance on the risk management arrangements and with Councillor Don Pritchett as the Chair, there had been a lot of activity around risk management and the Leader added that he was grateful for Councillor Pritchett’s diligence in this area.


The Leader pointed out that risk management is not just the responsibility of the Audit and Standards Committee, and this report is essential in enabling the Cabinet to keep up to date with the risk profile and effectiveness of risk management actions. The risk to the Council’s future financial sustainability remained a top risk and we now see the cost-of-living risk to communities and businesses added in as a high risk. With the risk of future leisure provision also being dependant on funding availability as well as the success of the HRA business plan and finances remain a key strategic risks to the Council.


The Leader commented on how well the Council managed the pandemic demonstrating the ability to rise to a challenge and as such the risk in this area is reducing and hopefully would be removed shortly from the strategic register.   The Leader spoke of the risk to the Melton Mowbray Distributor Road (MMDR) and advised that it is a risk to Leicestershire County Council primarily and that he believed there was a continued focus to deliver to the northern and eastern section of the MMDR.      


The Portfolio Holder for Housing and Landlord Services, Councillor Ronan Browne enquired if there could be further discussions with the portfolio holders in relation to risk management so as to increase member engagement and oversight.  


Mrs Garton agreed that this would be a good idea and was confident the Chair of Audit and Standards would agree. Mrs Garton also confirmed the portfolio holders would benefit by being kept up to date on what is on the service risk register too.  Mrs Garton will discuss with SLT and report back.





(1)  NOTED the contents of the Report and the updated Strategic Risk Register and the associated Risk Management Action Plan.


Reasons for Recommendation:


Whilst Risk Management form part of the Audit and Standards terms of reference, it is important that Cabinet have oversight and awareness of the strategic risks that could impact on the Council and to review the risk management arrangements in place and the activities that are being undertaken to mitigate those risks.

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