Committee details

Audit and Standards Committee

Purpose of committee

The functions of the Audit and Standards Committee are :


To approve the internal audit charter and monitor the performance of Internal Audit

To receive reports on the progress against the annual internal audit plan

Monitor and ensure performance of Internal and External Audit recommendations

To consider the appointment of the External Auditor, the audit fee, the provision of any non-audit services by the external auditor and any questions of resignation or dismissal of the external auditor

To receive reports outlining the action taken where the Head of Internal Audit has concluded that management has accepted a level of risk that may be unacceptable to the authority or there are concerns about progress with the implementation of agreed actions

To approve significant interim changes to the risk-based internal audit plan and resource requirements

To provide free and unfettered access to the Chair for the Head of Internal Audit, including the opportunity for a private meeting with the Committee

To support the independence of external audit through consideration of the external auditor’s annual assessment of its independence and review of any issues raised by PSAA or the authority’s auditor panel as appropriate

To receive the External Audit Annual Plan and discuss, if necessary, with the External Auditor before the audit commences the nature and scope of the audit

To review and approve the Financial Statements, External Audit opinion and report to Members and monitor Management Action in response to any issues raised

To receive the Internal Audit Annual Plan for the Council and Annual Internal Audit report, addressing key internal control issues as required

Review and adopt  the Annual Governance Statement

To consider the Councils Code of Corporate Governance and approve the Annual Statement in that respect

To consider the External Audit findings from their review of the Statement of Accounts

To consider and approve after review by the External Auditor the Statement of Accounts and report such to Council

To review and adopt the detailed and summary Annual Governance Statement after review by Internal Audit

To provide comments to Council on amendments to the Constitution

To deal with all matters relating to the Mayoralty which are not reserved to Council

To approve Strategies and Policies relevant to the functions of the Committee as determined by Chief Finance Officer

To approve the Gifts and Hospitality Annual report

To promote and maintain high standards of conduct by councillors and co-opted members including Parish Councils

To approve the provision of training, guidance and support in the context of the Member Development Programme

Dispensations to Members and co-opted Members relating to interests set out in the Members Code of Conduct

To determine complaints against Members including Parish Councillors

To grant exemptions for politically restricted posts

To adopt the RIPA Policy



Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services. 01664 502579