Issue - decisions

Supporting delivery of the MMDR South

14/09/2023 - Supporting the delivery of MMDR South



1)    CONFIRMED Melton Borough Council remains fully committed to:

(i)              Supporting the delivery of the Melton Mowbray Distributor Road South (MMDRS) scheme;

(ii)             Honouring its obligations under the Staged Payment Agreement (SPA) with Leicestershire County Council dated November 2021; and

(iii)           Discharging any other obligations arising from documents approved by Cabinet at its Meetings in September, October and December 2021.


2)    CONFIRMED it remains committed to securing the delivery of the MMDRS in partnership with LCC. To that end, Cabinet:

(i)              Noted the progress made in collaboration with LCC following receipt of their letter at Appendix A.

(ii)             Confirmed it will explore the options and opportunities to further boost the delivery of housing and associated contributions towards the provision of road infrastructure in the short and medium term, and endorses the approach set out in paragraph 6.3 below; and,

(iii)           Confirmed it will explore the potential to secure 3rd party funding for the road should the opportunity arise.