Issue - decisions

Waste Strategy




1)    ENDORSED the Leicestershire Resources and Waste Strategy 2022-2050 as per Appendix A and RECOMMENDED to Council:


1.1)         That the Leicestershire Resources and Waste Strategy 2022-2050 is APPROVED.


1.2)         That authority is DELEGATED to the Director for Housing and Communities, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Climate, Access and Engagement to sign off any further amendments to the strategy on behalf of Melton Borough Council, to incorporate legislative, regulatory, or national policy changes recommended by the Leicestershire Waste Partnership. Any such changes would be communicated in writing to all members.


1.3)         That continuation of the Waste Partnership be ENDORSED but requested that it is developed and enhanced to ensure appropriate political, strategic, and operational engagement.


1.4)         That the Leicestershire Waste Partnership is REQUESTED to explore collaborative opportunities which have the potential to deliver environmental improvements, whilst helping to reduce costs across the waste-system, ensuring that mutual benefits are shared across all partners.