Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Housing Revenue Account Asset Disposal Policy11/07/2024For Determination11/09/2024
Compensation and Reimbursement Policy11/07/2024For Determination11/09/2024
Housing Inspection Update and Action Plan20/06/2024For Determination11/09/2024
Appointment of Interim Director (CEX456)13/06/2024UrgentFor DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Digital Lifeline Switchover - Sheltered Schemes13/06/2024For Determination11/09/2024
Housing Enforcement Policy06/06/2024For Determination11/09/2024
Housing Financial Penalties Policy06/06/2024For Determination11/09/2024
Housing Revenue Account Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring Report 2024-25 - Quarter 106/06/2024For Determination11/09/2024
General Fund Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring Report 2024-25 - Quarter 106/06/2024For Determination11/09/2024
Annual Complaints Report - Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman Letter, Housing Ombudsman & Corporate Complaints 2023/2406/06/2024For Determination11/09/2024
Risk Management06/06/2024For Determination11/09/2024
Corporate Strategy Report - Quarter 106/06/2024For Determination11/09/2024
Annual Health and Safety Report06/06/2024For Determination11/09/2024
Modern.Gov Hosted Server Solution31/05/2024For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Contract Exemption – Maintenance of Housing Revenue Account Lifelines23/05/2024For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Customer Journey Framework23/05/2024For Determination11/09/2024
LUF Funding Reprofiling21/05/2024For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Temporary Planning Consultant17/05/2024For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Change of Establishment: UKSPF Funded Roles 24/2527/03/2024For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Extension of CRM Contract25/03/2024For Determination11/09/2024
Housing Management Policies14/03/2024For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
In-Year Increase in a HRA Capital Budget22/02/2024For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Lightbulb Partnership01/02/2024For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
New licence for Ground Floor, Parkside to DWP Jobcentre Plus29/02/2024For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Tenant and Leasehold Engagement Annual Report08/12/2023For Determination09/10/2024
Gretton Court - Resilience (Catering)15/12/2023For Determination11/09/2024
Procurement of Evidence Base for the Local Plan Review08/03/2023For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Change of Establishment - Levelling Up Project Manager for 2 Year Fixed Term28/06/2023For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Award of Contract for the Stockyard Operation28/06/2023For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Approval of UKSPF Grants28/06/2023For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Award of Contract for the Construction of the Stockyard Development28/06/2023For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Lease Renewal at 66/68 Snow Hill, Melton Mowbray09/03/2023For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Asset Development Programme Update07/02/2023For Determination11/09/2024
Leisure Improvement Works Capital Programme Update29/02/2024For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Acquisition of Affordable Homes to spend Right to Buy receipts 2024-2527/11/2023For Determination11/09/2024
Sale of Cattle Market North22/12/2021For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024
Award of Contract – Lift Refurbishment at Granby House14/07/2021For DeterminationNot before 18/07/2024