Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Grant of Lease at Parkside Offices20/01/2022For DeterminationNot before 18/02/2022
Grant of Leases at Snow Hill Industrial Estate20/01/2022For DeterminationNot before 18/02/2022
Revenue and Capital Carry Forwards 2020/2107/01/2022For Determination13/04/2022
Contract Rates Uplift – Repairs and Maintenance (Axis)23/12/2021For DeterminationNot before 21/01/2022
Contract Rates Uplift – Electrical Re-wires (Newey)23/12/2021For DeterminationNot before 21/01/2022
Omicron Grant Funding23/12/2021UrgentFor DeterminationNot before 20/01/2022
Sale of Cattle Market North22/12/2021For DeterminationNot before 20/01/2022
Asset Development Programme Phase 122/12/2021For DeterminationNot before 20/01/2022
Housing Revenue Account (HRA) 30 Year Business Plan09/12/2021For Determination17/03/2022
Allocation of Community Grants09/12/2021For Determination09/03/2022
Melton Lifeline09/12/2021For Determination09/03/2022
Melton Borough Council Housing Allocations Policy09/12/2021For Determination09/03/2022
Award of Contracts Under the Westworks Building Maintenance and Compliance DPS03/12/2021For DeterminationNot before 20/01/2022
Award of Contract - Re-roofing Properties Project03/12/2021For DeterminationNot before 20/01/2022
Award of Contract - Fire Alarm Upgrades24/11/2021For DeterminationNot before 20/01/2022
Cattle Market Masterplan Works23/11/2021For DeterminationNot before 20/01/2022
Future Options for Melton Community Lottery16/11/2021For Determination09/03/2022
Revenue Budget Proposals 2021/22 – Housing Revenue Account (HRA)11/11/2021For Determination24/02/2022
Capital Programme and Capital Strategy11/11/2021For Determination24/02/2022
Revenue Budget and Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)11/11/2021For Determination24/02/2022
Treasury Management Strategy 2021/2211/11/2021For Determination24/02/2022
Award of Contract - Insurance Services15/10/2021For DeterminationNot before 20/01/2022
Increase to Fees and Charges 2022/2321/10/2021For DeterminationNot before 20/01/2022
Storage Heater Project06/10/2021For DeterminationNot before 20/01/2022
Housing Benefit Assurance Process Contract Award28/07/2021For DeterminationNot before 20/01/2022
Award of Contract – Lift Refurbishment at Granby House14/07/2021For DeterminationNot before 20/01/2022